Do Groundhogs Eat Oranges?

Groundhogs or woodchucks are herbivores in nature, and they eat all types of fruits and vegetables that are available in your garden. They eat fruits and seeds such as black and red raspberries, plantains, and soft leaves of alfalfa. Sometimes, they feed on birds and insects. They also eat crabs, snails, grasshoppers, and even small birds.

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Do Groundhogs Eat Oranges?

This can be a tricky question, and the answer may vary from person to person as there is not much information about groundhogs’ diet on the internet, and very few people have deep knowledge about them, as groundhogs being pets is a very rare case scenario.

So, the answer depends on whether they know how groundhogs are fed or if they are feeding them.

Woodchucks eat oranges by biting into them and eating around the pulp until nothing is left. They only left a small rind when they finished their eating. They seem to enjoy how juicy oranges are but do not enjoy eating the orange’s bitter peel.

Can We Feed Oranges To Our Pet Groundhog?

Although groundhogs are widely distributed in North America and are known to eat many fruits and vegetables, the practice of keeping them as pets is very rare. So, there are many doubts and inhibitions regarding their diet and everything.

While it is possible to feed groundhog oranges, it is not recommended to try to force-feed them. If they don’t seem happy, you should stop giving them oranges.

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The common diet for groundhogs includes a variety of fresh greens, corn, carrots, and lettuce. These rodents are capable of consuming a large variety of fruits and vegetables. You can also feed them with other common options like mashed fruits, mashed vegetables, and berries.

But in general, they are not picky eaters, and they will happily eat any food you throw at them.

How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs?

Not everyone wants to feed groundhogs and enjoy watching them while the large squirrels are eating, especially the farmers and gardeners. Groundhogs can raid your crops and destroy them easily if not taken care of properly.

Did you ever see a skinny groundhog? No right? They are always furry and fat, low-slung, and move deceptively quickly for cover. They are considered agricultural pests for a reason.

Now, let us see a few options that deter rodents from your garden.

  • You can sprinkle things like castor oil and Epsom salt around and on the entrance or exit of the burrow. These techniques work very well.
  • Woodchucks hate some smells of herbs, like the smell of sage, basil, lemon balm, chives, etc. So you can keep them in your vicinity to discourage them from entering your area.
  • Fence around your property, but do follow a few things while doing that. Groundhogs can jump over short fences and walls, so buy chicken wire not less than six feet high and five-foot poles. Bind the fence to the posts, except for the upper leg. Then, bind it away from your garden so that the groundhogs cannot climb over it.

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Tip: Dig them a few inches, as groundhogs are capable of making burrows around them.

  • Always trim the grass in your garden short as groundhogs may feel your yard is dangerous as there won’t be any hide-spot, and stay away.
  • Installing visual deterrents is also an option. Anything that’s bright and moves will work, as they are very timid animals. You can also try sticking some pinwheels in the ground, as that can scare groundhogs and other critters.

Tip: Installing motion-activated lights, noisemakers, or even sprinklers can be effective too.


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