Do Groundhogs Eat Watermelon?

As one of the largest animals from the squirrel family, with its bulging cheek (when eating) and deafening cry, groundhogs have become popular all over the world in recent years. They have attracted everybody’s attention, and now more people are curious to know about them and their diet.

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Do Groundhogs Eat Watermelon?

Yes. Groundhogs can eat watermelon. As groundhogs are herbivore animals, they can eat mostly all types of vegetables, fruits, flowers, seeds, roots, and plants.

Groundhogs are fascinating, and they often stand on their hind legs. The main reason for this nature is to be vigilant. They have threats from many predators and tend to be on alert every time to protect themselves.

When any threat arises, they alert other groundhogs through a whistle, which is why they are also known by another alternate name, “whistle pigs.” Though they often move around on the land, they can also swim and climb trees if necessary while in search of food and survival.

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Groundhogs have grayish-brown fur and tend to be obese as they have a prodigious appetite and are motivated by food. They often inhabit fields, roads, rivers, and other places that are adjacent to forests. Most of their diet constitutes plants such as grass, fruits, and bark.

do groundhogs eat potatoes
Photo by Danny Wage On Unsplash

Do Groundhogs Like Watermelon?

Yes, groundhogs like watermelon. Some of the juicy fruits attract groundhogs as they are the primary source of water intake to their bodies. Woodchucks normally don’t drink much water but get their required quantity of liquids through their food sources like these.

Though they prefer plants to fruits, they won’t turn down if the fruit is ripe enough. Groundhogs also eat other fruits like apples, berries, and plums.

They like almost every vegetable in your garden and many herbs. During the summer and early fall, the melons ripen and will lead the groundhogs to your garden if you live near them. They strip the fruit from its vines and eat it, sucking the juice out of the fruit.

Groundhogs like watermelons, particularly because they grow from the ground, so it is easy for them to take a bite.

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Groundhogs eat almost one-third of their body weight every day, and they are not picky eaters. They consume nearly every part of the plants. They are very clever creatures and rob the fruits or vegetables you are growing in your garden if you don’t take proper precautions.

So try to take the required steps to avoid them if you are growing watermelon in your garden, as there is always the risk that groundhogs will intrude and destroy your watermelon produce!

Here is a cute video of a groundhog savoring a watermelon.


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