Do Groundhogs Eat Snakes? Do They Have a Taste for Snake Meat?

Groundhogs, which are also known as woodchucks, are known to be voracious eaters and eat just about anything they can find. They are a type of rodent commonly found in North America.

The primary part of their diet consists of plant food, including fruits and vegetables. But do they eat reptiles like snakes? Let’s see.

Do Groundhogs Eat Snakes?

Though groundhogs are considered herbivore animals, and most of their diet consists of plant food like leaves, fruits, vegetables, grass, and roots, they also prey upon smaller animals like baby birds and insects whenever they can. This gives the reason to doubt whether these whistle pigs eat snakes or not.

Groundhogs may not eat snakes, but they can attack and kill them if they are small, as they see them as dangerous and a threat.

Sometimes, snakes try to occupy the burrows dug by groundhogs, so that’s another reason to attack the snakes and protect their territory. Snakes are also predators of baby groundhogs, which is why the groundhogs with babies try to attack the snake and kill it if it feels cornered to protect their babies.

Do Groundhogs Kill Snakes?

Usually, groundhogs try to avoid snakes as they are timid animals, and their instinct tells them to run whenever they sense some danger in their surrounding. But when they feel threatened or when the snake tries to attack the groundhog’s baby, they may not hesitate to defend themselves and fight back.

As the groundhogs are endowed with sharp teeth and strong jaw power, if they have the chance, they can easily capable to kill a snake.

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Photo by Danny Wage On Unsplash

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Do Groundhogs Keep Snakes Away?

Groundhogs are a type of rodent and are known to make burrows and live in them. They are from the marmot family, and they hibernate in winter in their burrows. So, groundhogs may attract snakes instead of keeping away the snakes for two reasons.

Mainly, snakes can use their burrows as their home; secondly, snakes see baby groundhogs as prey and easy meals.

Not only snakes but groundhogs may also attract many other predators like bobcats and foxes if they are native to that area. So, whenever you see a groundhog burrow in your garden, probably the best idea is to get rid of it.

Note: Try to make them go away in some way without killing them. Or you can also trap them and leave them far away from your house. Remember that killing something is not the only option.

Do Snakes Eat Groundhogs?

Young groundhogs are always threatened by the predation of snakes as they can easily enter groundhogs’ burrows, and the senses of a baby groundhog won’t develop until a few weeks after their birth. It means they cannot hide, fight, or protect themselves from predators.

So whenever baby groundhogs are left unattended, snakes may go into the burrows and eat them.

can groundhogs swim, do wood chucks swim

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But snakes are not much of a problem to an adult groundhog, which can fight with its sharp teeth and is capable of biting the snake into pieces. This is why snakes only prey upon the babies, as they are easy prey rather than fighting with an adult groundhog.

Interesting Fact: Groundhogs don’t prefer to drink water directly, but they stay hydrated through the water content in their food, like leafy plants, rather than drinking from a water source.

Which Other Animals Eat Snakes?

Many animals will prey on snakes even though some of them are poisonous and can cause mortal danger with their venom. To name some of the predators, owls, cats, raccoons, coyotes, weasels, eagles, mongooses, and foxes.

Interesting Fact: Fox urine is a very good natural repellent for snakes when spread around your property. So, if foxes are native and common in your area, you can use them to avoid snakes in your vicinity.


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