Do Groundhogs Eat Potatoes?

Groundhogs (Marmota Monax), also known as woodchucks, are found mostly in North America. They have varied interests in food and eat almost anything they can come across. They eat from leaves, flowers, roots, and vegetables to insects and small creatures. And let’s try to find out the answers to what they eat and what not.

Do Groundhogs Eat Potatoes?

Groundhogs are the largest species of squirrels. They eat potatoes only when they are readily available, as they may not put effort into plucking them out of the soil and eating the plants. They won’t eat potatoes unless they are particularly hungry.

Do Groundhogs Like Potatoes?

Groundhogs are known to like mostly corn and carrots, so people use these foods as bait to catch these creatures to get rid of them as they can be the trouble makers of your garden, particularly when you want to grow some vegetables in them.

So we can say that potatoes are not their favorite, though they may eat them when hungry and there is no other option. They prefer sweet potatoes to potatoes.

Do Groundhogs Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Yes. Groundhogs eat sweet potatoes. They eat carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, lettuce, cucumbers, and corn. They are also known to gnaw on roots like apricots and plums. They can damage your garden if they can’t find any food, and they are actually notorious for wiping out entire fields of vegetables.

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Interesting Fact: Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2nd every year.

Are Woodchucks Carnivores?

No, groundhogs are classified as herbivores. They are food-motivated animals and eat almost every edible item if they are hungry. Sometimes, they are seen eating insects like grasshoppers, snails, and even some baby birds. They change their diet depending on the food sources available in different seasons.

Do Groundhogs Hibernate?

Groundhogs are hibernating animals, and they lose their appetite sometime before winter, making them ready for the upcoming event. They will hibernate for up to around five months and enter a dormant state without any activity.

Groundhogs lose almost one-third of their weight during hibernation and wake up from their deep sleep just about when it’s mating season.


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