Do Lions Eat Eagles? Lion Vs Eagle

Lions, the king of the jungle, are the apex predators and expert hunters, making them one of the most fearsome animals in the animal world.

They will eat almost anything they can catch and capture. In birds, eagles hold the same position as lions in animals, and it is naturally curious to know what happens when they encounter each other.

Do Lions Eat Eagles?

To answer shortly, yes. You might have imagined lions preying only on land-based prey such as gazelle and zebra, but this is not always true. It also tries to prey on some aquatic animals and birds whenever it’s an easy catch.

But the relationship between these two (lion and eagle) is far from the typical predator and prey relationship as they both are apex predators (top of their respective food chain).

Lions won’t go hunt or kill an eagle straight away, but they can prey on a weakened or earthbound eagle when it’s unable to fly away. Any predator won’t pass up an easy meal and take advantage of the injured eagles; lions are no exception.

Eagles predominantly hunt in the air while lions hunt on the ground, so usually, there wouldn’t be much conflict between these two species in a real-life scenario.

Lion Vs Eagle

Though an eagle easily outmaneuvers a land-dwelling lion with its speed, lions are far too strong and large for an eagle to take on a hopeful fight. Being apex predators in their respective food chains, naturally, these two species tend to keep to themselves.

However, a lion will have no qualms about eating an eagle if it doesn’t have to worry about hunting it first. A sick or injured eagle unable to fly and defend itself makes it an easy pick for a hungry lion. But finding a grounded eagle is not an everyday scenario, and it rarely happens.

Being at the top of their food chain, lions are intelligent creatures and don’t waste their time preying on trouble-catching animals. So, they know that eagles are just too much of a hassle to hunt with their agility, beak, and talons. Also, the lack of meat on them is discouragement, and only a desperate lion will try to hunt one.

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Photo by Dean Lewis On Pixabay

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Similarly, an eagle would also eat a dead lion as it’s a predator. In the wild, it’s all about survival, and when you are not fit enough, even a predator can become the prey.

Can A Lion Hunt An Eagle?

As we already discussed, a lion can and will eat an eagle, but all it matters is how it can catch one. Though lions may not actively hunt eagles, they try to take one down if the opportunity presents itself.

For instance, a roosting eagle on ground level can become a lion’s target if the big cat is stealthy enough. As it’s a known fact that some eagles will nest on the ground or in rocky crags, a lion may sneak up and attack them on their nest, particularly at night while the eagle is sleeping.

Do Mountain Lions Eat Eagles?

Technically speaking, mountain lions are not lions, but it doesn’t mean they won’t eat an eagle. In North America, mountain lions share the territory with golden eagles, and they both hunt mainly the same kind of prey.

But whenever a golden eagle is injured or otherwise compromised, it will no longer be a competitor to mountain lion but will be a part of its menu.

These two predators can sometimes fight or hunt each other for food, but most of the time, they can coexist peacefully, respecting each other’s position.

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What are the Predators of Eagles?

An eagle has an equal majesty of a lion in its food chain. As long as an eagle is healthy, it will be a formidable foe for any predator, even for a lion or a mountain lion. They are too tricky to hunt with their speed and ability of flight.

But sometimes, eagle nests are targeted if accessible, as the eaglets (young eagles) won’t be able to defend themselves against the predators. Eaglets have more predators than adult ones. Some of their predators are great horned owls, bears, lions, alligators, wolves, and ravens.

Do Eagles Eat Other Eagles?

Eagles mostly become prey when they are very young, injured, or sick. Preying on each other is very rare in eagles, and it happens only in extreme food shortages or in cases like when an eagle is killed by something else, and another eagle comes in later to steal the kill.


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