Do Lions Eat Birds? Can Lions Hunt Birds?

Lions are hypercarnivorous animals, meaning most of their diet is meat. The king of the jungle is known to take down a variety of prey, including a wide variety of creatures they can access in the wild. They eat from bigger mammals like zebras, deer, and antelopes to smaller mammals like rats and mice.

But do lions eat birds? Can they hunt and catch birds? Let us find out the answers to these questions.

Do Lions Eat Birds?

Not just lions but many land predators will prey on birds that are unable to fly away as they are weak or injured. So generally, lions are also among those predators that may eat birds in these situations.

To be honest, lions will eat pretty much anything that is roaming on this planet. They eat almost every imaginable land mammal and also a few aquatic animals. And their huge range of prey includes even birds whenever they are available.

But as lions eat a lot of meat to keep their size and strength, they usually prefer to go after larger animals. They eat birds as a small snack on the side when they have the opportunity. Birds are also not the favorite of lions as they have feathers and very little meat.

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Photo by Pawan Sharma on Unsplash

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Do Captive Lions Eat Birds?

Typically, the diet of captivated lions is almost similar to what they would eat in the wild as the zookeepers try their best to mimic their natural diet.

Different zoos have different feeding styles and routines, but in most zoos, lions are given chicken too, along with the meat of other animals like cows and sheep. So, we can say that captive lions eat birds not as their main meal but as a small portion of their diet, like a snack.

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Do Lions Hunt Birds?

Lions are one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom, and they usually stay in prides and hunt as a group. They prefer larger animals as they can cater enough meat for the entire pride.

The lion only needs one good kill every few weeks; if we take the average, the data shows that a lion would kill around 15 large animals a year. So, they don’t like wasting their time and energy going after smaller and harder prey.

Lions may not hunt birds wantedly when the birds are flying in the air, but they take their chances when the bird is wounded or weak.

Lions are opportunistic hunters, and they hunt whatever prey is available on that day. As birds have very little meat and nutritional value, they will be just a snack to the mighty lion.


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