Do Groundhogs Eat Strawberries? Do Groundhogs Like Strawberries?

There are many misconceptions regarding what groundhogs (also known as woodchucks) eat, and more than information, there is misinformation about them, and one of them is groundhogs and strawberries. Do groundhogs eat strawberries? Let’s find out, as knowing what they eat can absolutely help with control and prevention.

Do Groundhogs Like Strawberries?

It is known that groundhogs love nuts and carrots, but there is not much information about whether they eat strawberries or not. But the reality is groundhogs do not like strawberries. There are some foods that groundhogs don’t like, and strawberries are one of them.

As surprising as it may seem, they are not their favorite food and not even a part of their food. Apart from strawberries, groundhogs don’t like other foods like melons and spinach. Instead, they would prefer nuts and greens.

Groundhogs mostly eat greens like a variety of plants, grasses, flowers, and weeds, but they aren’t actually vegetarian, and sometimes, they are even seen eating things like baby birds and small insects. Their diet changes a bit depending on the season.

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They are not officially omnivores, but they eat a lot of other things. Although a groundhog may not like fruits or vegetables, they would occasionally nibble on your garden. They come to trample your plants and devour the ripest fruit of your garden. Despite the fact that groundhogs don’t like fruit, they eat vegetables.

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Do Groundhogs Eat Strawberries?

Groundhogs do not like strawberries and don’t prefer to eat them. They might if they have nothing to eat and starving before hibernation, but it’s not their favorite. So, it’s just their preference, or otherwise; groundhogs can eat strawberries without having any problems.

What Fruits Or Vegetables Do Groundhogs Eat?

Groundhogs like to eat grasses, alfalfa, dandelions, and clovers. And in fruits and vegetables, they like lettuce, corn, apples, berries, carrots, beans, celery, and cherries.

They are also known to eat grasshoppers, snails, and grubs, but live food will be a very small percentage of their diet. They have prodigious appetites, and they love to eat vegetables and foliage of plants

They sometimes live near water bodies as they provide alternate food choices all year round and in all seasons. Groundhogs even dive into the water to get some aquatic plants and insects.


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