Can You Ride An Emu? Uncover The Unconventional

Emus, from their fluffy feathers to their disproportionately small wings, seem like creatures straight out of a fantasy novel. And one question that has undoubtedly crossed the minds of many is: can you ride an emu?

Let’s find out the answer in this article.

Can You Ride An Emu?

Riding an emu is not possible as they are not big enough to carry human bodies or their weight. While an adult person is too heavy for an emu, they are also known to shake off any weight that is laid on them. However, the most important factor to consider is that they are protected by law, so it is illegal. 

People rely on many animals for their daily tasks. While horses and donkeys are used for transportation, dogs are used to guard and help the blind. In some areas of the world, oxen are used to plow the fields. Seeing these things, you may question about other animals and birds.

Emus are large flightless birds that are protected by wildlife laws, so it is illegal to ride on them without a permit. Adult emus can grow up to 6 feet 2 inches and weigh an average of 70 pounds for females and 84 pounds for males, which is not enough to carry a human.

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Why Can’t You Ride An Emu?

Emus are the second largest bird species on the planet and the largest native bird in Australia. But they are not strong like ostriches, so they are not suitable for riding long distances. You won’t get too far if you sit on them.  

An adult emu might support your weight and carry you for a while if you are a smaller person. But the ride would end soon because it would try to get rid of the weight as soon as possible.

Even though they may look tall and resemble ostriches, they are relatively lightweight for their height and are not capable of carrying our weights. Though emus legs are quite powerful, they are not able to carry the weight of an adult person.

emus drinking water
Image Credits: Canva

Can A Kid Ride An Emu?

Attempting to mount and ride an emu, particularly for a child, can be incredibly dangerous and not advisable. Emus are known for their sharp beaks, claws, robust legs, and surprising strength for their size. These agile birds are not to be provoked. 

Let’s say that if a child weighs around 45 pounds, a male adult emu might be able to carry him, but do not forget the fact that emus don’t like to be ridden, and as part of their defense mechanism they would try to get rid of the rider as soon as possible.

There have been documented cases of emus attacks on humans. Considering all these things, we strongly discourage anyone from doing anything like riding an emu in any circumstance. Your life is more valuable than your curiosity or adventure.

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Is It Legal To Ride An Emu?

Though we can now see emu farming in countries like India, most emus live in Australia and are protected by the Biodiversity Conservation Act of 2016. There, you need to have a license for emu farming and even to keep them as pets. It is illegal to capture wild emus and keep them in captivity.

As we already know, riding an emu is dangerous and impractical. Let’s see the legal aspect of it.

A few years ago, a person saved a wild emu entangled in barbed wire and later took that opportunity to make a silly joke out of it. He acted like he was riding that poor bird and posted it on the internet; when the video became viral, he received a serial backlash from the viewers.

Do Emus Spit
Image Credits: Canva

Even though he saved the bird’s life, he had to face animal cruelty charges for that controversial video.

Therefore, it is evident that riding an emu is illegal in Australia, and it is seen as an act of animal cruelty. People who engage in such activities will have to face severe fines or even jail sentences.

How Fast Are Emus?

Emus are endowed with powerful calf muscles and unique muscle structures, enabling them to run fast, jump high, and swim fast.

Emus can achieve a speed of 31 mph and have a long stride of around 3.3 feet when walking, which will triple at their maximum speed, going all the way up to 9 feet while running. Also, they can jump up to 7 feet high vertically. 

Despite all these capabilities, emus are lightweight birds and cannot support any heavyweight like that of an adult human. Even kids should not try this feat; no responsible parent or guardian would let their child ride an emu.

Final Words:

Emus, which are native to Australia, come under the category of exotic birds, so their ownership and treatment will be very closely monitored. There are certain local laws and regulations that protect against illegal farming, capturing, and harming the animal.

So, riding an emu is considered cruelty against the birds, and hence, it is punishable by law.

You should never try to ride an emu, as it will overwhelm it. When any load is laid on the emu, it irritates the bird and will be a source of anxiety. They can be highly unpredictable, and it can be dangerous for the rider, considering their power.


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