Do Groundhogs Eat Grapes?

Groundhogs are known to destroy all vegetation by turning over all soil and eating everything to the roots of everything.  They have a prodigious appetite and can eat almost every edible item they find on their way.

So often, people who grow various fruits and vegetables in their gardens have to deal with these large squirrels. But do groundhogs eat grapes? Knowing what they eat and what they won’t is always helpful to protect your garden produce and to take the necessary precautions to avoid these nasty animals.

Do Groundhogs Eat Grapes?

Yes. Groundhogs do eat grapes, like many other vegetables and fruit options. As groundhogs sleep most of the winter (hibernation), they do all the eating in the summer. This consists of grasses and green to wide varieties of insects and plants.

They are not picky eaters and eat whatever is accessible to them, as they have to eat almost one-third of their body weight every day to maintain their size and energy. Groundhogs are also seen eating baby birds that fall from nearby nests.

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Do Groundhogs Like Grapes?

Even though groundhogs eat grapes, they may not be their favorite food, like strawberries. They are primarily known to like foods like:

Do Groundhogs eat watermelon, groundhog eating
Photo by Rafael Guajardo


  • Greens: Groundhogs like lettuce, alfalfa, daisies, dandelions, red mulberry, and hackberry leaves.
  • Vegetation: They eat vegetation like peas, carrots, corn, beans, and celery.
  • Fruits: Groundhogs like fruits such as apples, cherries, and berries.
  • Insects: Sometimes, they won’t mind eating some bugs and insects like June bugs, snails, and grasshoppers.
  • Trees: They eat and chew on trees (specifically bark and twigs) like black cherry and dogwood. This also helps control their incisors’ growth as they grow continuously like other rodents.

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Groundhogs also eat flowering plants and nuts. Their diet depends on the availability of food in various seasons. They are pretty adaptive animals and reside near forest areas, water bodies, and trees where they can get food easily.

Here is a video of a groundhog eating grapes.


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