Do Dolphins Eat Crabs? Do Dolphins Eat Squid?

Dolphins have complex dietary requirements with erratic behavioral patterns. Most of us already would have known that dolphins are carnivorous animals. But can they eat seemingly mean and dangerous creatures like crabs? Let us find out the answer to this question in this article. Also, there are a lot of doubts about dolphins and what they eat. Together, let us address some frequently asked questions too.

Do Dolphins Eat Crabs?

Yes, crabs are part of the dolphins’ diet. Being carnivores, dolphins do eat crabs and other crustaceans but there are several other external factors that determine a dolphin’s feeding habits. Things such as the environment in which the dolphins live and the availability of different marine animals (prey) impact what they eat. Like many other marine creatures, dolphins are opportunistic predators too, and will eat a variety of different types of prey. The major portion of a dolphin’s diet includes fish, squid, jellyfish, whales, sharks, and other dolphins.

Though it is known that some dolphins eat crabs, we cannot generalize it as a universal trait among all dolphin species. Like many other aspects of dolphins’ behavior, more research is needed to understand the extent to which different dolphin species include crabs in their diet.

Speaking of different species of dolphins,

  • Dusky dolphins eat squid, shrimp, and other various fishes.
  • Whereas Rough-toothed dolphins mainly prefer eating squid, while large dolphins can consume sea turtles, seals, and so on.
  • Bottlenose dolphins are stealthy predators and can hunt for food either separately or in groups. Their preferred diet is fish and shrimp, but when these options are not available, they will still be more than happy to eat crabs.

Do Dolphins Eat Blue Crabs?

Blue Crabs are a well-known marine species and mentioning them as we are discussing crabs is very apt for the situation.

Dolphins eat blue crabs but as they primarily occupy underwater grasses, they are consumed mainly by coastal dolphins who eat various types of bottom-dwelling creatures such as shrimps, and several crab varieties. Even though blue crabs are great swimmers, dolphins catch them easily as they have the added advantage of having massive bodies and excellent hunting techniques.

Do Dolphins Eat Hermit Crabs?

We assume that you have heard of hermit crabs. Let us see if our dolphin friends eat them or not.

Dolphins do eat hermit crabs, like most other crabs, however, we must remember that the type of food a dolphin eats depends on its habitat and the accessibility of potential prey. So, dolphins will devour the hermit crabs only when they are plentiful and available in their location.

Interesting Fact: As hermit crabs are quite smaller in their size, a dolphin can gulp several hermit crabs down in one go.

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Do Dolphins Eat Horseshoe Crabs?

Let us see whether dolphins eat some more species of crabs like horseshoe crabs.

Dolphins do eat horseshoe crabs along with other marine creatures but they prefer the large ones. However, as we already mentioned a few times, it all depends on their availability and not many horseshoe crabs are left in the ocean.

Horseshoe crabs are preyed upon by many animals like sea turtles, seagulls, sharks, and even humans, who use them as fertilizers and as baits. Due to all these reasons, the numbers of horseshoe crabs are declining, and now steps have been taken to ensure their conservation and protect their habitat.

Do Dolphins Eat Squid?

Yes, dolphins include squid too in their diet. In fact, along with fish and crab, squid is the most commonly available option for dolphins. They are found in the same waters where dolphins live and dolphins hunt them quite indiscriminately. They are also known to eat shrimp and other crustaceans.

What Type Of Squid Do Dolphins Eat?

Dolphins are ferocious creatures with a large appetite. They are also opportunistic feeders, which means that they will eat all types of squid along with other marine creatures that come their way. There are around 300 different varieties in the squid family, so dolphins and other oceanic creatures have different options to choose from. However, it depends upon the availability of these species in the ocean.

What Type of Squid Do Bottlenose Dolphins Eat?

Bottlenose Dolphins are active hunters and not particularly choosy when it comes to prey. They eat fish, squid, lobsters, crabs, and even larger animals like sharks and whales. Generally, bottlenose dolphins found in oceans across the world primarily prey on fish because different varieties of fish are widely available in the oceans.

Photo by Pagie page on Unsplash

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Do Dolphins Eat Lobsters?

Dolphins are known to consume a variety of aquatic animals and they eat lobsters too but it depends on the species. The primary portion of the diet is fish to many dolphins, but they do eat lobsters, crabs, and other crustaceans. While some species of dolphins prefer to eat cuttlefish and octopuses, whereas others would eat crabs and shrimp.

Dolphins can get quite aggressive and also they hunt in groups. Being toothed animals, they can easily bite into their prey to capture it before swallowing them as a whole. Both these factors act as advantages while they hunt for prey.

What Animals Eat Crabs?

Crabs form an essential part of the diet of various marine animals like sharks, sea turtles, baleen whales, dolphins, and so on.

To conclude, it is fair to say that dolphins that live near shores and the seabed are the ones who eat large quantities of crab since they are readily available mainly in these regions.

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