Do Groundhogs Eat Bananas?

Groundhogs or Woodchucks are primarily herbivores and eat a variety of vegetation available in the wild or in the vicinities of their living. They also like to cultivate crops, which is why they incur the wrath of farmers and gardeners.

As vegetables, grasses, and plant matter make up most groundhogs’ diets, many people are curious to know what varieties of fruits and vegetables woodchucks eat.

Do Groundhogs Eat Bananas?

Yes. Groundhogs love bananas, and they eat them by grabbing them from people’s trash or compost. They eat the fruit chomping it up in several bites.

As bananas won’t grow in the areas where groundhogs live, they won’t need to climb up those trees to taste this savory fruit. But the humans’ adaption to the urban lifestyle has given them access to all types of fruits and vegetables and also expanded their diet considerably!

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Can Baby Groundhogs Eat Bananas In Captivity?

Generally, captive baby groundhogs live on a diet of esbilac powder until they are old enough to tolerate other foods. When they grow a bit (around the time they leave their mothers in the wild), they are commonly fed food that is similar to a typical groundhog’s diet.

So it can eat mashed fruits like apples or bananas and fresh greens. You can start introducing a banana or an apple when the baby groundhog is around four weeks. As time passes, you can include other fruits, vegetables, and greens in your diet.

Note: Before introducing new food to a baby groundhog (if you have one as a pet), consult a veterinarian or your local expert.

Here is a video of a groundhog eating a banana.


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