Do Crabs Have Teeth? Discover the Surprising Truth About Crab Dentistry!

Crabs are fascinating creatures that can be found in many oceans and fresh waters all around the world. They are often found on sandy shores or rocky surfaces.

Crabs’ hard exoskeletons protect them from predators, but have you ever wondered if crabs have teeth? While it may seem strange to ask this question, the answer is not as simple and straightforward as you think.

Do Crabs Have Teeth?

Many people assume that crabs are toothless creatures, relying solely on their pincers to capture prey. However, this is not entirely true. Some species of crabs do indeed have teeth – albeit very small ones – while others rely on alternative methods for breaking down food.

In this article, we will explain the anatomy of a crab’s mouth and explore whether these crustaceans really do have teeth.

Crabs are not picky eaters and pretty much eat anything they can get their claws on. They can prey on different varieties of species, including plants, worms, dead or living fish, and even other crabs.

So, to digest these, though crabs do not have teeth like in their mouths, they do have ‘teeth’ in their stomachs, which help them to grind up food and digest it later.

It may seem strange to some of us to hear this, but crabs have teeth-like structures in their stomach, which help chew up their food before digesting it. Depending upon the species, crabs have hard or soft mouthparts that help move food into their mouth.

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Let’s take the Dungeness crab as an example. These crabs have different kinds of mouthparts that serve specific purposes. Some are designed to hold food, while others are meant to break it down. They also have mouthparts that help move the food deeper into their mouth.

How Do Crabs Chew Their Food?

As crabs are omnivores, they enjoy both plants and animals, but they do not chew their food in their mouths; this task will be handled by a crab’s stomach, which contains exo skeleton materials shaped like teeth and grinds together. These are used to mash up the food in a section of their stomach called the ‘gastric mill.’

red crab on a stone

But remember that a crab won’t swallow the food and send it to their stomach as it is. They use their strong claws to tear apart their food, while their mandibles (or mouth parts) shred the food a bit more before sending it to the digestive tract.

Birds also have a similar type of mechanism to process their food. They use the ‘gizzards’ to break up the food.

How Do Crabs Stomach Teeth Work?

Once the food reaches a crab’s stomach, using its mouthparts, it starts the process of grinding the food before digesting it.

The “teeth” in a crab’s stomach will grind against one another when the stomach contracts. These teeth-like structures (gastric teeth) are present in species such as the decorator crab, brown crab, and even some lobsters.

Some species, like the Ghost crab, even use their stomach teeth for a strange secondary purpose: to growl and ward off predators.

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Can Crabs Bite?

Because of how their teeth are positioned, crabs cannot bite humans. However, they often pinch you with their large and strong claw if you try to get closer to them. It can be very painful and leave a nasty mark there.

So, it is advised to hold the crab correctly to stay out of their claws and all the unwanted troubles that happen because of them.

Although the purpose of a crab’s claws is to tear up its food, it also uses them to protect itself from any predators, and it will latch onto its target and then squeeze it with them as a protective measure.

What Do Crabs Eat?

When it comes to food, crabs are not picky eaters; they can eat anything they can get without trouble. They can survive on both land and water because of the varieties that they can feed on. They are also scavengers, so they even eat something dead.

Most of the crabs’ diet consists of plants, worms, barnacles, living or dead fish, even other small crabs, and much more. When they eat something, they will leave nothing but bones.

Being both omnivores and scavengers, crabs have more food options, which help them survive in any habitat.

How Many Mouths Do Crabs Have?

Crabs only have one mouth, but they have two mandibles. Crabs have two mandibles on either side of their mouth, which are used to crush and break apart their food.

Crabs consume food through their mouth but do not use teeth for grinding. Unlike humans, crabs have 12 mouthparts instead of two jaws with teeth. The crab’s mouth comprises one pair of mandibles, 2 pairs of maxillae, and 3 pairs of maxillipeds.

The mandibles or jaws are robust triangular structures that crush larger food parts. The maxillae are slimmer structures that aid the mandibles in manipulating and breaking down food particles. Additionally, the maxillipeds are modified legs that help move food particles into the crab’s mouth.

Summing Up:

To answer the question, “Do crabs have teeth?” Yes, they certainly do. But not in the way that you expect them to be; they are located in their stomach (for some species) and not in their mouth.

These teeth help crabs grind and digest food passed down from their mouthparts.


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