Do Lions Eat Baboons? Baboon Vs Lions

Baboons are terrestrial animals found in open savannahs, open woodland, and hills across Africa.

Knowing that they live in savannahs, the home of lions, we can be curious to know what happens when baboons encounter a lion.”Do Lions Eat Baboons?” Can they catch one? or are they slower for a baboon who can jump onto a tree? Let’s try to find out the answers to these questions.

Baboon Vs Lions

Baboons are old-world monkeys, and there are six species of them. They typically live in groups called “troops,” and the group size will be 5-250 but typically it’s around 50. They are possessed with heavy long, dog-like muzzles, sharp canine teeth, and powerful jaws.

According to experts, they have existed for at least two million years. Baboons are omnivores and highly opportunistic feeders. They will eat virtually anything from grasses, leaves, roots, bark,  fruits, and seeds to insects, spiders, fish, rodents, birds, and small antelopes.

Baboons often raid human dwellings; they break into cars and houses in search of food and raid farms. As they are omnivores, they will eat crops and also prey on farm animals like goats, sheep, and poultry. And the natural predators for baboons are leopards, lions, and Hyenas.

In the same way, adult baboons are known to kill the cubs of lions and leopards when they find them unattended by adults. This can work in two ways. First, they will be served as food; second, they reduce their future rivals by doing this.

do lions eat dogs, dogs vs lion
Photo by Pawan Sharma on Unsplash

Do Lions Eat Baboons?

Wherever a lion is in the wild, it is a threat to every other animal that lives nearby. As baboons live in open savannahs, naturally, they can be on the radar of these apex predators. Lions eat all kinds of meat; any animal can be its supper. So, yes, lions eat baboons whenever they can able to get one on their menu.

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Do Lions Hunt Baboons?

As baboons mostly live on trees and even sleep in trees, they can be a hard catch for a lion. So, instead, a lion may prefer to catch easily prey like antelopes which are comparatively bigger in size.

But when baboons are on the land and have no tree to escape, which we often see in open savannahs, a lion may chase them to death and kill them.

Do Lions Kill Baboons?

As lions, leopards, and hyenas (both spotted and stripped) are their natural predators, of course, they can get killed by a lion for food.

Even though leopards prey on them, too, they mostly go after baby baboons. They try to avoid a fight with an adult baboon. But a lion will kill no matter its size, age, or species.


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