Do Dolphins Have Belly Buttons? Dolphin Diaries

Dolphins are sleek marine mammals who have fascinated human minds with their playful nature and extraordinary intelligence. They have many unique characteristics that set them apart from other creatures in the sea.

Amidst our curiosity about these incredible creatures, one peculiar question often arises: do dolphins have belly buttons? While every mammal has a belly button as a reminder of its umbilical cord connection to its mother, does this also apply to marine creatures?

Join us as we delve into the intriguing world of dolphins’ anatomy and explore whether or not they possess this feature, as many land-dwelling animals do.

Do Dolphins Have Belly Buttons?

Dolphins are marine mammals, so they do have a belly button, just like any land mammal. They give birth to live young, so when the umbilical cord detaches from the mother and calf (baby dolphin), it will leave a scar that is nothing but the belly button.

The umbilical cord is typically severed once the dolphin gives birth to its baby, leaving a small scar or indentation on the calf’s abdomen, the belly button. After birth, the babies no longer rely on umbilical cords for nourishment as they can immediately swim and breathe on their own.

So, we can see that dolphins share similar characteristics with other mammals while nurturing their child in the womb and while giving birth.

Do Dolphins Have Umblical Cords?

Like every mammal, dolphins carry their babies in their wombs during gestation, and the umbilical cord plays a vital role.

The umbilical cord connects the baby dolphin’s abdomen to the mother’s placenta. It helps transfer food and oxygen to the body while returning nutrient-depleted blood from the baby to the mother’s placenta, where it can be disposed of.

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Do All Cetaceans Have Belly Buttons?

All cetaceans have belly buttons.

dolphin jumping out of water
Photo by pagie page on Unsplash

Cetaceans are marine mammals of the order Cetacea. They mainly include whales, dolphins, and porpoises. They mainly share similar physiological traits regarding giving birth and undergoing varying gestation periods.

Though some species give birth within 10-12 months, others may take as long as 17 months.

Where Are Dolphins Belly Buttons?

Dolphins, like all mammals, are born live with belly buttons. Typically, a dolphin’s belly button is located at the center of the dolphin’s belly. And below the belly button, dolphins have two sensitive areas: the genital area and, for females, the mammary slits.

However, their belly buttons are not as noticeable as those of humans or other land-based animals s with visible protrusions or indentations in their abdominal region.

Dolphins’ belly buttons are less prominent due to their streamlined body shape and smooth skin. Firstly, underwater conditions can make it difficult for humans to observe such minute details on these marine creatures’ bodies.

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Also, as dolphins are aquatic animals, having external structures could hinder their swimming abilities.

But if we carefully observe them, we can see they possess a small indentation or tiny slit-like scar on their abdomen where their umbilical cord was once attached.

Final Words:

Dolphins, being marine mammals, have belly buttons. But, unlike humans, who have a visible protruding belly button after birth due to the cutting and healing of the umbilical cord stump, dolphin belly buttons are not as easily noticeable due to several factors.

But this presence of a belly button in dolphins reinforces the fact that they share common ancestry with other mammals. This evolutionary link highlights how life originated from water and gradually transitioned onto land millions of years ago.


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