Are Swordfish Dangerous? Beneath The Dangerous Waters

Swordfish is one of the popular fierce fiish species that can grow up to 14 feet in length and weigh up to 1,400 pounds. As one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean, swordfish are notorious for their sharp bill, which they use to stun their prey.

This has led many people to question whether or not swordfish are dangerous to humans. In this articel, we are going to address this question.

Are Swordfish Dangerous?

Swordfish are known for their large, sharp, and sword-like bills on the front of their head. So, they have the power to injure a human, but typically they are not aggressive toward humans unless provoked or threatened.

We must remember that most encounters between humans and swordfish occur when fishing for them as a sport or commercial activity. So, there is no reason for the general public to fear swordfish. But when fishing or boating near these creatures, it is always wise to take necessary precautions, as it’s common with anything.

Swordfish have no natural predators, orcas, and some species of sharks may try to attack it once in a while only to fail mostly.

Are Swordfish Aggressive?

Although swordfish look fierce and vigorous with their sword-like sharp bill in the front of their head, they are not generally aggressive but can be dangerous if provoked. So, if you don’t bother the fish, it will not chase you.

Swordfish use their long bill to save themselves from enemies. They are known to move randomly and hit everything in front of them, so it is wise to stay away from them.

They make their prey unconscious by repeatedly swiping with their bill so that they can catch it quickly. They use their bill to cut and slice their prey.

Recently, scientists have been opining that swordfish are getting aggressive with time while adapting to environmental changes.

Swordfish can get aggressive when they starve for a long time when wounded and when they feel threatened and defend their territory. Also, the alpha male swordfish would fight with other swordfish for mates.

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Can Swordfish Kill A Human?

Generally, swordfish live in deep, open waters. So, encounters with humans are rare, but if you have to go to their habitat, avoiding getting very close to them is advised.

If a swordfish attacks a human with its power, it can instantly separate the head from the shoulder.

There have been a few incidents where swordfish attacked boats and even leaped out of the water and struck fishermen, but they generally do not harm humans who do not engage with them directly.

So, although these sleek predators are known for their impressive size, speed, and strength, many experts argue that they aren’t a threat to humans as their attacks are extremely rare, so they shouldn’t be perceived as inherently dangerous.

Are Swordfish Endangered?

Swordfish are not endangered, but the conservation status of swordfish is still concerning among marine biologists and conservationists. In early 2000, their population decreased by almost 65% due to overfishing. However, several countries have implemented measures to protect their populations, such as size limits, catch quotas, and closed seasons.

The decline in the swordfish population will have far-reaching consequences for other species within their food chain. So, monitoring and protecting swordfish populations by enforcing regulations and promoting sustainable fishing practices is highly needed.

Do Swordfish Have Teeth?

Swordfish do not have teeth in their jaws, but the long bills of the swordfish do the function of teeth.

Swordfish attack their prey using their dorsal fin and also use it for chewing and eating.

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How Fast Can Swordfish Swim?

Swordfish are one of the fastest swimming fishes in the ocean. They can swim at the speed of 60pmh (97kph), allowing them to glide effortlessly across the water and pounce on their prey.

Interesting Fact: They usually like to swim alone in spacious areas and move their large dorsal fin to avoid parasites. But sometimes, they would jump from the water and use their long bill to defend themselves.

Are Swordfish Poisonous?

It is a common fact that the larger the sea fish, the higher the mercury levels, and swordfish are no exception. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that swordfish have high levels of methylmercury, which can poison the human body slowly.

The FDA issued specific guidelines and recommended that pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and young children avoid eating this toxic fish.

Note: A well-cooked starfish can be considered relatively safer as it reduces mercury levels by 30%.

Final Thoughts:

Swordfish are massive, swift, and powerful fish that are typically not hostile but can get violent when attacked. So, naturally, they are a challenging feast for any predators.

With a big, razor-like bill emerging from their head, we can tell why these fish can cause trouble for anyone who contacts them.

However, it’s very rare to find a swordfish that has killed a human before. But still, it’s not a wise thing to take them lightly. Stay away from their natural habitat to protect yourself and the fish.


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