Do Lions Eat Foxes? Do Mountain Lions Eat Foxes?

Lions are incredible creatures and apex predators, so it is no surprise that they are considered the ‘King of the Jungle’. They are at the top of the food chain and can outsmart most animals and turn them into a delicious meal. But can lions outsmart foxes who are associated with the term ‘cunningness’? Let’s find out.

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Do Lions Eat Foxes?

Though lions are called ‘Kings of the Jungle’, they don’t actually live in a forest but in Savannahs. Their incredible efficiency in catching the prey and their other majestic features gained them that name even though they live in grasslands.

When lions are around, no animals are safe ranging from helpless antelopes to hulking elephants.

Lions indeed eat foxes but they may not really want to. They would prefer to go after something large which has more meat as lions often live in prides and they need more meat.

Comparatively, a fox is super small and won’t provide much food for a lion and its pack. A lion won’t go with the sole intent of eating a fox, if a lion was starving and happened to encounter a fox then it would definitely snap it up like little foxy snack.

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Lion Vs Fox

Lions don’t tend to live near foxes, only a few varieties like red foxes live in Savannahs. Young red foxes are primarily preyed upon than other kinds of foxes because of their size. They are larger comparatively and have more meat on them.

The closest animal to a fox that lions encounter commonly in the wild are Jackals, and Lions have been known to eat Jackals. So if a lion did see a fox, it would most likely eat it.

Lions are very efficient killers with lager sharp teeth and a very strong biting force. Where as foxes are very fragile physically and they have a very weak bite force when compared to mighty lions. They tend to stick on to smaller prey such as rabbits, mice, birds, lizards, bugs, rats, small aquatic animals, and other live sources of meat. They also eat fruits as foxes are omnivores animals.

If a lion and a fox fights in an enclosed area with no escape route, then the lion will most likely win. But if both animals were figting in an open space with possibilities to escape, then the fox could stand a chance of escaping.

Interesting Fact: Foxes are also sit on the top of their food chain in woodlands.

Do Mountain Lions Eat Foxes?

Mountain Lions which are also known as cougars are ambush predators and eat almost every prey, including foxes. The strength and speed of a cougar makes it easy to catch and kill foxes.

A mountain lion tends to leap onto a fox from a hiding position when the right opportunity presents itself, delivering a death blow to its neck. Its size helps it to run fast and strong enough to strike a deadly blow.

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What Animals Eat Foxes?

Generally foxes are solitary creatures, and they prefer to hunt and sleep alone, except when they are raising their young in their den. Because of this reason, foxes become easy-to-kill animals for many voracious predators who eat them.

They are preyed upon by animals higher up in the food chain, such as coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, lynxes, bobcats, wolverines, leopards, bears and large birds like eagles and owls.

Birds mostly prey on small foxes while mature red foxes are attacked by larger animals. Another important threat to foxes is humans, who hunt them and even destroy their natural habitats. They are often hunted by humans for fur or killed because they are considered pests.



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